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November Schedule Change

Oct 30, 2017

SCHEDULE CHANGES!!! Monday November 6th through Tuesday morning November 14th. Read more here!

One of Chris' responsibilities of being on the Krav Maga Global US National Team is to help Master Eyal Yanilov and members of the Internaitonal and US National Team host the annual P&G Camp in Las Vegas. This camp is where hundreds of students from all around the United States come for 3 hard days of training and testing at our Las Vegas affiliate location, Battle Born Krav Maga. If you haven't attended, check out our youtube video made a few years ago at the camp or ask Chris and Dave about it so you can attend next year!

As a result, Chris is gone for 10 days to train with Eyal and teach at the P&G Camp.

Since Chris is gone Sunday November 5th through Tuesday morning November 14th

Here is the modified schedule.

Monday/ Wednesday 5:30 AM- Kickboxing Only 6:30-4 PM- Closed 5:30 PM- Iron Warrior CrossFit Only 6:30 PM- Krav Maga 7:30 PM- Kickboxing Only

Tuesday/ Thursday 5:30 AM- Iron Warrior CrossFit Only 6:30-4 PM- Closed 5:30 PM- Kickboxing Only 6:30 PM- Krav Maga 7:30 PM- Iron Warrior CrossFit Only

Saturday 8am- Iron Warrior Crossfit 9am- Kickboxing Only 10am-11am- Krav Maga

*We will be back to our normal schedule on the eveneing of Tuesday November 14th! *

Follow the Invictus Instagram @InvictusDefense and Facebook @InvictusDefenseAcademy to see what it happening in Las Vegas during the National Team Training, School Owner's Meeting and P&G Camp!

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