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NEW Classes and Times!

Jun 19, 2019

With the growing demand for additional classes and to bring back the Combat Fitness Class! WE HEARD YOU AND NOW IT'S HERE!

We have MORE classes and MORE Availability!

We have all our Kickboxing options *(Muay Thai, Bag Class, Dutch Kickboxing) *all rolled into one titled class. Some days will be more pad work, some days more bag work, some days a hybrid of it all! But Striking is where you build the foundation to all our combat skills!

*MORE JIU JITSU! *We now have early morning and alternating evening classes! Join Jiu Jitsu BlackBelt instructor Steve Silvers at 6:30am and 7PM Tuesday and Thursday and 5:30PM on Monday and Wednesday

*JITS FIT- *Our revolutionary fitness classed specifically designed around the needs of Jiu Jitsu and Catch Wrestling. Gain Strength, Improve Mobility and Flexibility. This fitness class will really sharpen your competitive edge and make your Jiu Jitsu a force to be reckoned with!

COMBAT FITNESS- Aside from Jits Jit which is based on flow movement for Jiu Jitsu specifically, get all yoru Strength, Power, Speed, Quickness and Endurance work in Combat Fitness Classes! Using the modalities from Combat Strength Training by Pat McNamara, we will make sure you are in the BEST shape of your life!

Check out the schedule below!

Class Schedule for Monday and Wednesdays

Class Schedule for Tuesday and Thursday

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