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Invictus Military Prep Course

Jan 09, 2019

Help us give back to our great nation by preparing the warriors of tomorrow for their entry to the US Military!

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Invictus Defense Academy is a Veteran Owned and Operated martial arts and fitness training facility. Instructors Chris Green and Joe Goodwin, both former Marine Corps Sergeants and 15 year Law Enforcement veterans, want to give back to the US Military by helping mentor and prepare new recruits getting ready for bootcamp. Knowing that many of these young patriots are strapped for cash, Invictus wants to provide a mentorship and prep course to those seeking entry to the US Military for FREE. In order to do so, Invictus Defense Academy is seeking the contributions of others to provide the resource to fund this mentorship program.

When someone enlists in the military, they typically have to wait 8 months to a year before they can leave for boot camp or selection. In that time, it is the responsibility of the new recruit to make sure they are physically and mentally ready for the rigors of recruit training. However, there is very little guidance that will truly prepare them for all aspects of recruit training or selection.

The Invictus Military Prep Course will not only assure the recruits are in peak physical shape prior to recruit training or selection, but will also give them the one on one mentorship and guidance to be mentally prepared for the military transformation. We will be teaching each recruit the customs and courtesies within their selected branch, rules and regulations, rank structure, traditions, and required knowledge to be the most successful while in recruit training or special operations selection courses!

The safety, security and Freedoms of our nation are in the hands of our military. We feel obligated to assure they have all the tools, knowledge, mentorship and physical preparation to make sure they can perform perfectly!

We are seeking $25,000 *to train *the first 50 recruits** to launch this program. The money will be used for providing a manual which will contain the following: * Flyers to give to recruiting stations and Social Media ads * Recruit Goal Check Sheet * Nutrition Plan and Meal Prep Guides * Personalized Fitness Program * One on One Physical Fitness and Knowledge Coaching with a Mentor of their selected service * Military literature about specific traditions, customs and courtesies, rank structure etc. * Drill and Ceremony prep * Invictus Military Prep Course T-Shirt
* Basic Introduction to Military Martial Arts Programs such as Marine Corps Martial Arts Program or Modern Army Combatives Program * Access to Swim Center for Swim Training (Required for Marine Corps, Navy and all Special Ops career fields)

It is our goal to collect funds for this program as soon as possible with March 1 as our official launch date.

Those who contribute over $100 will be sent an Invictus Military Prep Course Supporter T-Shirt and will be entered to win a 3 month membership at Invictus!

Thank you for your support to Invictus and to the future of our US Military!


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